Ways to develop the mental skills of the child to be more intelligent and focused

Methods of developing the mental skills of the child are important for all families, and parents seek to identify them in order to support and motivate their children and prepare them to be valuable and active members of society. Provide useful stimuli to guide children’s thinking towards innovation, learning and skill acquisition.

Ways to develop the mental skills of the child

By identifying ways to develop the mental skills of the child, every family wants their children to have the greatest number of these different mental skills, and this is what actually motivates them to search for the fastest ways and instructions to develop and develop the intelligence and creativity of their children, the most prominent of which are what we mention to you in the following points:

  • Beware of neglecting your child, because most mothers have the wrong idea that they think that the young child does not know what is going on around him, but the right thing to do is to treat him as you would your older son, having a conversation with him about his thoughts and attention to the things around him.
  • Tell him the names and roles of family members, as well as the names of animals and the types of foods he eats, to activate his memory and increase the development of his mental skills.
  • Encourage and motivate, showing your child how you feel about his behavior and how proud you are of him, making sure he isn’t ridiculed, giving him constant encouragement and praising him when he succeeds and ignoring the failures.
  • Service well-being by giving your baby a daily massage and care and follow it gently and reassuringly, as many studies and studies have confirmed that a child who feels warm and inclusive grows faster.
  • Adjusting your child’s meal times ensures that your child is targeted to eat breakfast, as we all know, breakfast is the main meal for the body, and the result of skipping breakfast is low blood sugar, which leads to a lack of nutrition for the brain.
  • Eat sugar carefully, do not let them eat greedily, so that they do not eat impede the absorption of the remaining elements necessary for brain development.
  • The brain mainly depends on the consumption of oxygen and it is one of the most oxygen-requiring organs, so do not put children in polluted environments with frequent smoking, and avoid exposure to the resulting negative effects that hinder the work of the brain development and its effectiveness.
  • Getting enough sleep is one of the most important factors in helping brain cells to regenerate and grow normally, but children’s heads should not be covered due to the negative effects of low oxygen levels and harmful effects on the brain and neurons.

6 year old child development

Cognitive or intellectual development and you mean the development of youngsters’ abilities to think and reason, and how to organize thoughts and ideas to understand the world around them, by following the methods of developing the mental skills of the child, which are necessary in the different stages of growth, and the most important of these basic skills are as follows:

  • Try to get your child to have a word count of 2,000 words.
  • Count the similar things to 10.
  • Copy complex shapes.
  • Begin to think and reason logically, and analyze the causes and motives.
  • Understand the difference between the unit of time and yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  • Be able to sit in class and follow the teacher’s instructions.
  • Complete some simple tasks independently.
  • Doing any kind of sport helps increase focus at school, but the sport should be something your child enjoys, not forced.
  • Read about the social growth, development and care of the child .

How do I develop the intelligence of my 5-year-old child

Families can help children develop their intelligence and creativity through a variety of activities, but the appropriate methods of developing the child’s mental skills must be chosen. Consider choosing age-appropriate games, which include a lot of imagination to give them plenty of space to think and plan, be careful and find alternatives, etc. However, this should be available to improve their skills, and we will explain this in the following points:


Make sure that reading before bed becomes a basic rule, choosing each of the classic stories to help him develop his imagination, and heroic stories that indirectly motivate children to face problems and overcome difficulties, fears for the future and try to imitate and embody the characters in the story and imitate similar sounds, in order to help your child To develop his language and develop his mental skills.

Quran recitation

The Holy Qur’an is the mainstay for developing a child’s intelligence, increasing his awareness, and expanding his linguistic level, which is done differently by memorizing its fragrant verses, meditating on God’s creation, learning about their meanings, and contemplating the universe, which helps support children’s logic and imagination.

drawing and decorating

Known as modeling with figurative ability or figurative intelligence, it is done using clay or dough, and it is one of the activities that stimulates the intellectual development of the child, as well as work that shows his talent in drawing and shaping.

Physical education

Guide your child to exercise from an early age, as exercise is one of the most important activities that can help in strengthening your child’s mental and physical condition, as it stimulates blood circulation and oxygen delivery to the brain on a regular basis, and to impose healthy habits on its practitioners, it has also laid a sufficient foundation for its growth.


Reading is one of the best activities for your child to understand his surroundings, and helps him develop his creative and studying skills.

Hobbies and Leisure Activities

Make time for your child to involve his friends in fun activities like sports, writing and drawing, while he spends part of his time on hobbies that he enjoys, like drawing, music, and everything else your child is interested in.

Games for developing mental skills for children

Memory games are one of the ways to develop the child’s wonderful mental skills, to give children different mental skills, and play with them during the summer vacation and leisure time. Here is a set of memory improvement games for children, such as the following:

  • Find the matching shadow game.
  • Find the difference between two picture games for kids.
  • Find the matching shadow game.
  • Educational maze game for kids.
  • Find two similar pictures.
  • Memory and the power of observation game.
  • Find different pictures puzzle.
  • Sudoku game for children.

Develop children’s skills in mathematics

Toddlers learn and progress through games, explorations, puzzles and activities. There are many opportunities to introduce math to your child as they go about your daily activities. Here are some tips and ideas to help your child develop these essential skills:

  • Counting card game, say the numbers written on it, add numbers and find the matching numbers.
  • Shop games with items from the house and fake money or Monopoly money.
  • In cubes, talk about size, color, shape and texture.
  • Create patterns and structures, and ask questions like “How many cubes can be grouped together to make a tall tower?”.
  • Play with bowls and containers and ask questions like “Which is bigger and how many toys can we put in a box?”.
  • Treasure hunt game, use guiding language to motivate children like up, down, down, between, behind, through, in front, up.
  • Play board games like Snakes and Ladders.
  • Find things like spoons and say which ones are longer, shorter, bigger or smaller.
  • Practice math while out with your kids, such as looking up numbers around you in buildings, cars, stores, anywhere, and discuss what those numbers mean and what they represent.
  • Play counting games, such as skipping rope.
  • Find and name different shapes around you, such as triangle signs, circles, and square signs.
  • Count anything like cars, lampposts or tiles on sidewalks, or the number of dogs you meet on the street.

What are skills development sessions for children?

There are many areas in which you can develop your child’s skills, but there are many skills and treatments that vary, and they are offered in many comprehensive specialized centers with a team of specialists to meet your child’s needs, and we will mention these aspects to you in the following points:

  • Driving skills.
  • motor skills
  • Focus and attention.
  • Language and pronunciation skills
  • Mental and cognitive abilities
  • Social communication skills.
  • sensory abilities.
  • Self-reliance ability.
  • Learning by playing.

Here we have come to the conclusion of the article in which we provided you with the most important information on the topic of ways to develop the mental skills of the child, we hope that it will be useful to you.