This is how you become an attractive person who influences others and they like you

We help you to possess the magic of personal attraction and influence others as soon as you enter any place and they are easily convinced of your opinions, that others like your personality, leave a good impression on those around you. These are some tips and steps that help you to be an attractive personality and have the ability to influence them.

How to become an attractive person?

 How to be attractive to the husband, the fiancé, and the person you love:

1. Learn the art of showing the characteristics that you have: Many people may think that to be attractive to a man means that she wears attractive clothes and puts on tons of make-up, in order to become an irresistible personality. But this belief is completely wrong, as the man loves the natural appearance of the girl. Here are the steps for appearing attractively in front of the man:

  • Using eye make-up to make your eyes look bigger and more beautiful: There is no doubt that beautiful eyes are an irresistible charm. If you have no idea how to use make-up to make your eyes look bigger, you can ask a friend for advice. In addition, there are simple steps once followed that you can achieve this, such as using mascara, applying eyeliner, using false eyelashes, or applying eye shadow.
  • Weight care: You should, as much as possible, maintain your body weight and maintain a diet that helps your skin shine, and that does not mean that you will feel more hungry just to lose weight, all you have to do is follow a proper diet.
  • Applying lip make-up: One of the most important steps in attracting a man is to have attractive and sexy lips. You can achieve this by applying daily lip balms such as camphor or cinnamon lip balms.
  • Hair care: Some specialists say that men always want long hair, so you can look for more tricks to get long hair.

2. Develop your sense of humor: Women often want a man who makes them laugh to change their sad mood. Likewise, men like funny characters. Therefore, humor and fun are among the factors that attract men to you. Here are some tips:

  • At first, laugh at the man’s jokes, even if they are not very funny. This is because he is trying his best to be funny with you, and when laughing at the jokes, it gives the man more confidence in the continuation of the conversation between you.
  • Develop your sense of humor: A man should be a woman who can make everyone laugh easily. Therefore, you must pay attention to funny things and the way they are presented spontaneously in order to be able to talk with the man.
  • Increasing knowledge: by reading and getting acquainted with various information in order to have a good communication with the man while having a conversation with him. The man admires the woman who is able to talk to him on different topics and exchange her views with him. And so it is not just a beautiful statue in front of him only.

3 . Browse blogs and news sites: Read newspapers such as the New York Times, and watch CNN constantly in order to have an idea of ​​the current events in the world so that you can form your own opinion and express it when opening the door for discussion between you.

  • Develop your skills: by reading about the things you enjoy, such as fashion, painting or movies. This supports you more in front of him when talking about your favorite hobbies.
  • Seeing some sporting events: This is because sport is one of the most important interests of a man, so when you talk to him about the sports teams he prefers, the conversation becomes very interesting and attractive. In addition to expressing, for example, your love for a sport, you may find the man very surprised.

 . Be difficult to please (a little stubbornness): by increasing self-confidence, which has a major role in influencing and attracting a man to him.

It is one of the most important factors attracting attention.

5. Compliment the man: you must be smart and praise him in some characteristics, such as that he is a smart person and how great a person he is. This increases his self-confidence to continue talking to you. In short, learn the art of listening to his emotions and wooing them well.

  • Some words may come out in a wrong and unreasonable way, so when talking with a man try as much as possible not to issue any reckless actions.
  • When talking to him and entering into discussions, whether by agreeing with him about a certain taste in clothes, and so on.

  How to be an attractive personality to a woman:

1. Elegance: A woman may look at your external appearance, so try to appear in the best image, such as the following:

  • Take care of personal hygiene by shaving, bathing and brushing teeth well. Women are attracted to men who care about their appearance and appearance a lot.
  • Attention to body shape: You may not need to practice bodybuilding, once you get regular exercise, good effects on your body structure. So, join the nearest gym and start exercising appropriate for you.

2 . Increase your sense of humor: Studies have proven that a sense of humor is one of the most important aspects that attract you to women. So knowing when is the timing of telling the joke and how? To draw a woman’s attention is one of the most important skills that she must possess.

  • You can test your sense of humor on your friends: in order to know if these jokes are good or not, you can test them on your friends before telling them in front of a woman. And try as much as possible that these jokes are not too silly.

3. Complimenting women: It is one of the very smart methods when dealing with women and you must choose the right time and place. Such as saying some simple jokes like “You have charming eyes” or “The color of your blouse is great.”

  • Isolate her femininity: One of the most important aspects that should be taken care of when dealing with women, she admires those who understand her

4. Improving your financial situation by getting a good job: Women are attracted to a man who is responsible for his family members, and he bears this responsibility well. So try to get a good job that provides you with a stable income.

But do not try to be arrogant and boast about the money that you have in your wallet, because that is one of the worst behaviors that can be done by you. Women admire humble and polite men.

5. Be faithful with her: sincerity in dealing and honesty are among the most important qualities that you should never ignore. Women love honesty in dealing with them and hate cheating.