The difference between a men’s shaver and a women’s shaver and how to choose the best?

Many times people ask what is the difference between a men’s shaver and a women’s shaver? And how to choose the best? In most cases, women ask why their razors are sold at a lower price compared to the price of a men’s razor. Regardless of the price difference between them, there are a number of key differences and differences that you can look for. The main difference that draws attention is the nature of the use. The man uses the razor for the face only, while the woman uses the razor to remove hair from multiple places on the body. But what other differences can you look for in razors.

What is a men’s razor?

It is a tool that a man uses to remove unwanted hair through the barbering process. There are a number of types available in the market such as electric shaver. Straight razors, and disposable razors.

What is a female shaver?

Just like the men’s razor, it is used to remove unwanted hair on the body. The women’s razor comes in different types, and each part of the body needs certain blades to be used. The machine that is used for the face is different from the machine that is used under the armpits or sensitive areas.

The difference between a men’s shaver and a women’s shaver and how to choose the best?

the color:

One of the clear signs that help you differentiate a men’s razor from a women’s razor is color. Women’s razors often come in bright, feminine colors. Like pink, purple, light pastel colors.

As for the men’s shaver, it comes in traditional dark colors such as blue, black, and silver. If you’re a man and you’re looking for a pink razor, it’s hard to find.

machine head:

When you want to get rid of excess body hair, you may think that any machine can be suitable for you. But the machine that women use, of course, comes with a different design that helps in obtaining smooth skin after shaving and without any damage to the skin. Thus, the head of the women’s shaver can be rotated so that it can move easily on the skin. Especially in areas like the armpits or the knees. As for the men’s razor, it comes in a square head shape that fits better with the face. Of course, the shape of the opinion affects the nature of use. For example, a square head that does not fit perfectly into the knee can cause pain.


Men’s and women’s razors have the same type of blade. You can find a similar number of blades in both men and women. However, the blades have different angles that make men’s razors different from women’s.

Men’s razors have a larger angle, so they are best used for shaving thick facial hair. As for the female shaver, it does not need the same angle to be able to pass the hair because the hair is lighter and therefore passes easily and you can get smoother skin. In fact, increasing the width of the angle in men’s razors leads to more wounds if women try to use them.

Also, women’s blades become darker in a shorter time because they are used for multiple areas, so they need to replace the razors from time to time.

handle shape:

Since men and women tend to shave different areas of the body, their razors have different shapes of handles. The shape of the handles of the women’s razor is characterized by a circular shape in order to facilitate grip from all angles and movement on the body and change the grip during movement in order to be able to reach different places in the body. While a man does not need that because he usually uses the machine to shave his facial hair only.

Moisturizing strips:

The women’s shaver contains moisturizing strips, while the men’s shaver contains only a very small moisturizing strip. Moisturizing strips for women’s shaver come in different shapes that you can notice when purchasing.

This feature helps protect from wounds while getting rid of excess hair, especially on the knees, ankles, and sensitive areas, but it is usually used for the first time only when shaving and you need to change it again to benefit from the moisturizing substance inside.

moving head:

In addition to the difference in the shape of the head, which is the main difference, there is also a feature in the women’s shaver, which is the moving head. When women try to shave areas such as the legs, sensitive areas and armpits, it is essential to be able to see what you are doing so the movable head helps women achieve this feature easily without fear of injury.

As for the men’s razor, it comes in a flat and fixed shape because it is used when shaving facial hair and looking at the mirror.

The difference between a men’s shaver and a women’s shaver and how to choose the best?

Tips for choosing a female shaver:

Regardless of your hair removal experience, you need a set of tips to pay attention to when buying a women’s shaver, especially since there are a variety of options that you can choose from. Here are tips to help you choose the right women’s shaver for you.

Pay attention to the number of blades:

You might think that a razor that contains one blade can achieve the same purpose as a razor that comes with two or three blades, but this is not entirely true, as each type of them has different uses. And if you are looking for a smooth shave, you can choose the razor that comes with four or five blades.

Choosing a moving razor:

Did you know that using an inexpensive razor can eventually damage your skin, so it is best to invest well when choosing the perfect razor for you. When the blades remain stationary during hair removal, the risk of injuring yourself increases. When dealing with more flexible blades, you can get a flawless shave. Therefore, you can read the basic instructions on the package before heading to the purchase in order to be able to catch it and give you better control of the machine while removing excess hair.

Don’t Ignore Moisturizing Strips:

One of the important elements that must be taken care of are the moisturizing strips on the women’s shaver, because they help reduce the incidence of wounds. In addition to the use of shaving cream, the moisturizing strips help dry skin to obtain more smoothness and luster.

Don’t ignore cipher change:

Although getting new blades is an expensive process, it helps you get better results. Because you can injure yourself by repeatedly using the same blades each time. If you have thicker, coarse hair and need to remove hair daily or every three days, you need to change the blades every time in order to get complete hair removal and positive results. Also, do not forget to take care of changing the blades if you have sensitive skin.

Men’s shaver selection tips:

There are many types of shaver for men, so you need to make a decision about what suits you. By doing a little research, you will get the ideal option for you that helps you meet your needs, especially since men have stronger skin than women, so you can choose between a traditional shaver And the electric shaver and choose the right one for your needs, time and budget, as it provides you with a clean shave without harming the skin, face and hair.

For example, men with sensitive skin often have trouble finding the right type for them and can opt for Bulldog steel blades to care for their sensitive skin.

Determine the type of razor:

Bringing the blades as close to the skin as possible is important for men who want the appearance of a smoother shave. Straight razors at the barber will give you the desired look, but if you prefer a safe shave, you can choose multiple blades at home.

Because the multiple blades help you distribute the weight of your hands and not put pressure on the skin, thus avoiding cuts, it achieves an even coverage for you. Also, the blades with a circular design help you reach the delicate and hard-to-reach places on the face to pick up hair, thus obtaining a smooth shave.

Is shaving with blades safe?

Although it is the cheapest and inexpensive method for you, it also has a short life and you need to change the blades from time to time. Also, the design of the safety razor must be more precise in order to get a shave free from cuts. Thanks to the multiple blades and the moving razor, you can achieve a much easier operation and do not have to be afraid of going in the wrong direction.

Attention to the cost of the razor:

There are many types of shaver available in the market. But you need to choose a type that matches your budget and you can search in various drugstores for a shaver. High quality blades are not cheap. We advise you to choose one of the brands that are promoted on television. To ensure that you choose a product that has been tested by a specialized number of people. Without fear of injury or infection when using.

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