The benefits of Pilates exercises for men, it is not only for women

Some people think that plating exercises are only related to women, and men may be ashamed to do plating exercises. But this article provides an overview of the benefits of Pilates exercises for men, as it is not only for women, and tips to help you start practicing these exercises easily. Because many professional athletes resort to Pilates exercises as a form of complete training to improve their overall performance when exercising. If you are a professional soccer player or basketball player, you can include Pilates exercises in your daily routine to enjoy your youth and vitality. As these exercises focus mainly on improving strength and increasing muscle flexibility and balance.

What are Pilates exercises?

This includes Pilates exercises, body weight exercises and some simple equipment to help you perform. Pilates exercises are usually performed while lying on your back or stomach to provide support to the abdominal muscles. Gravity is the main source of resistance to maintain the flexibility of the muscles of the spine and joints. You can do Pilates exercises with simple equipment such as a stair chair or a balance ball to enjoy the benefits that Pilates exercises offer. For example, improving strength and flexibility, reducing lower back pain, lowering blood glucose levels, reducing joint pain, improving balance and walking, improving athletic performance, even Improve your mood. Below we will talk about the benefits of Pilates exercises. It includes exercises such as pelvic floor exercise, chest lift, leg shift, back stretching, and bridge exercise.

The benefits of Pilates exercises for men, it is not only for women

1Increases total muscle strength:

Pilates exercises help you increase the overall muscle strength of your body by performing a series of precise and simple movements that increase your core strength and fitness level. It works unlike weightlifting exercises in the gym because it focuses on muscles that are often neglected in your daily routine. Usually the internal muscles are responsible for providing support and need to be strengthened in order to be able to strengthen the larger muscles.

You can improve the inner strength of the muscles by focusing on the muscles of the hips, pelvis, lower back and abdomen. Where these muscles work together to achieve muscle balance, therefore, you are able to achieve better performance in the blink of an eye when exercising in the gym.

2. Improve body flexibility:

Most men ignore this feature when exercising, resulting in poor flexibility and movement, muscle soreness, and easy injury. Furthermore, most exercises require a certain amount of flexibility in order to perform well. Certainly, it not only helps in improving flexibility, but also makes all the movements of your body easier when doing daily activities and you feel more comfortable.

3. Strengthens the trunk muscles:

It means the basic muscle group of the body, which are the muscles of the abdomen , back and pelvic floor. Once these muscles are strengthened, you get a stronger, flexible back, good posture, and improve your movement pattern. Once you strengthen the core muscles, it provides good support for the body structure in addition to getting a flat and sculpted belly, which is the desire that most men pursue.

4. Improving body posture:

When you get a good posture, you can get strong support for the body. If you suffer from an imbalance in the body posture and do not stand up well for a long time, then these exercises are designed specifically for you. Especially if you are one of the people who sit at the desk for a long time to do work. Over time, if you have a work nature that needs to be at the office for a while, you will suffer from embarrassing situations that result in pain and discomfort in various areas of the body. Pilates exercises correct these imbalances, restore mobility and relieve pain.

5. Improve athletic performance:

Pilates is undoubtedly one of the most effective exercises for injury prevention and effective rehabilitation. In addition, Pilates exercises help you improve your athletic performance by improving coordination and balance and increasing muscle strength.

6. Improving self-confidence and feeling better:

With regular practice of Pilates exercises, you will undoubtedly be able to change your body because it works to strengthen muscles and helps in getting a more agile appearance, thus increasing self-confidence . In general, Pilates exercises improve muscle tension and body position, thus supporting movement with greater ease and freedom, thus the body releases more endorphins, which are hormones that make the body feel better and improve overall performance.

7. Reduce back pain:

Most people complain of lower back pain. You can use Pilates exercises in the treatment and prevention of back pain. As it helps in teaching individuals how to support the lower back muscles in addition to strengthening them, increasing flexibility and not exacerbating pain when exercising.

8. Improving the health of the pelvic floor muscles:

When you include Pilates in your daily routine, it helps you focus on the pelvic floor muscles and relieves pelvic pain . Thus, reducing the risk of prostate cancer, it is effective in preventing urine leakage. It also helps you solve the problem of erectile dysfunction when you regularly practice, which becomes one of the prominent problems for people who have had prostate surgery.

9Enhance the performance of intimate relationship:

Pilates exercises focus on strengthening and controlling the pelvic floor muscles for men. Thus, stronger contractions occur when you reach the stage of orgasm, which creates a feeling of better performance of the intimate relationship.

10Reducing stress and anxiety:

When you are stressed and anxious, the body becomes in a state of constant defense and therefore produces a lot of cortisol and adrenaline throughout the body. In the long run, the pumping of these hormones causes damage to the body and you may feel that the pressures of life do not allow you to include a routine of Pilates practice throughout the day. But when you know the benefits that accrue to the body from practice, especially as it helps you in regulating breathing and secreting endorphins (the hormones of happiness), which help you get rid of physical and psychological fatigue.

11. Lifting heavier weights in the gym:

In addition to improving body strength, you not only need to improve strength or lift weights regularly without focusing on gradually increasing weight each time. Pilates exercises really help you when doing resistance exercises because it gives you stronger core muscles and thus does not hinder your performance when practicing.

In addition, it focuses on the muscles of the spine, pelvis, and core muscles, as these muscles enable you to perform well deadlifts and squats

12A good alternative to weight training:

If there are a set of obstacles that make it difficult to exercise weight. You can make a temporary replacement for weight training with Pilates exercises because it is a mixture of slow and fast movements that increase the heart rate. So when you do an intense session you can get the same benefits.

13. Breathe better:

Pilates exercises focus on the abdominal muscles, which feed the muscles of the entire body with oxygen so that they can perform the exercises better. In addition, deep breathing helps the heart improve blood circulation and reduce stress.

14. Preventing injuries:

Practicing Pilates techniques helps prevent injury during exercises that focus on the pelvis. As Pilates exercises regulate breathing compared to other exercises that do not focus on breathing. The basic principles of Pilates exercises are accuracy, focus, and control, so when you incorporate them into any physical activity, you help you be more stable and achieve more control during movements and reduce injury.

15thEase of recovery after injury:

Because Pilates exercises do not cause injuries to the body during its exercise. Some physical therapy programs include Pilates exercises to recover from injuries, as they require a minimum amount of activity and with regularity, they increase the activity of the body.

Therefore, we can deduce the health, mental and performance benefits associated with men practicing Pilates. Thus, we have succeeded in getting rid of the common belief that Pilates is only for women. In order to obtain these benefits, experts recommend approximately 2-3 sessions per week of Pilates exercises, and you will notice the improvement and the complete difference.

Is Pilates different from yoga?

Some people include Pilates exercises in the category of yoga exercises because they both rely on an exercise mat. They are practiced without shoes and both focus on breathing and stretching, but do the similarities end there?

Whereas yoga focuses on flexibility and strength of the core and upper muscles. Achieving the union of body and soul, Pilates exercises often focus on the physical and spiritual functions of the body.

How can you do Pilates as a beginner?

Because men tend to be less flexible than women even if they exercise more. We recommend that you join a Pilates class for beginners to increase focus and balance the body through the commitment behind the trainer. Another option is to start practicing Pilates by watching videos directed specifically at men.

How can you do Pilates if you are already active?

If you do other aerobic exercise regularly and need to do a Pilates routine. You can consult your trainer about the exact instructions for incorporating Pilates exercises into your routine so that you can reap the benefits of the exercises and get the most out of it.

Tips for beginners when practicing Pilates:

To benefit from Pilates exercises Make sure you stay safe while doing the exercises:

Pay close attention:

First you have to learn what you need to do when practicing Pilates, what Pilates exercises can do for your body, and the benefits you need.

Focus on breathing:

When you do Pilates exercises that support your abdominal muscles. Of course, you may want to hold your breath and need to pay attention to regulating breathing so that you do not suffer from breathing problems during exercise.

Not doing enough exercise:

You may feel comfortable doing Pilates, which will make you intensify your exercise. However, we recommend that you perform 2-3 sessions per week, as it is the appropriate rate for you so that you do not tire your body with Pilates exercises and heavy exercises in the gym.

What muscles do Pilates focus on?

Pilates activates muscles throughout the body, specifically the muscles that strengthen the body. Such as the muscles of the trunk that provide support and stability of the spine and are the muscles of the abdomen, lower back, trunk.

However, because Pilates exercises are designed to achieve muscular balance and alignment for the whole body. You will find that it achieves a range of benefits for other muscles in the body, such as the legs, shoulder, chest, back, arms, in addition to the heart muscles.

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