Save money in 20 simple ways

Do you want to conserve money? Dumb question – isn’t it?? You work hard so you always need to conserve your money. There are many ways to save money without the need for more time. We have simple ways to save money.

This is how you can save money 

1- Put your expenses on the autopilot system:

You can put all your things on the automated system, but you must. This method removes a lot of burden from your shoulders and saves you time as well. It is easy to put your savings on the automated system through online banking – just and simply, you can transfer money online to your account every month. Or you can try digitizing Digit! Digital transfer is a free way to automatically transfer various amounts from your bank account to your savings. It is also a smart machine that tells you when you can or cannot save, but do not worry, you can enable the digital transfer system from overdrafts, they will compensate you and pay all your fees and expenses in full.

Make a meal plan:

Some people ask, How do we feed our family of six for less than $400 a month – in this respect I say to them “meal plan”. Planning meals will save you a ton. It will end buying unnecessary food, and will help you eat the meals you can afford instead of buying food that looks good in the grocery store. And in the next point, we will talk about how to make inexpensive meals.

Meal planning according to sales:

There is no need to look for hours in the sales paper to choose the most appropriate foods. Just plan your meals well and leave the details open. For example, fried food may be one of your meals so you will need meat, vegetables and legumes. When you go to the market, buy the best-priced vegetables and meat. Then look for inexpensive legumes like rice or quinoa, with the health benefits and price in mind.

drink a lot of water :-

This may be clear, although the statistics did not show this. You will save a lot of money if you stop drinking soda bottles and juices. If a bottle of water is cheap, tap water is cheaper. There are many ways to purify water if you are not a fan of tap water. Calculate the cost and decide whether to drink tap water or buy bottled water. If you go out to eat out, you will save about $12 to $20 per meal only if you drink water instead of soda, and this is for a family of six.

Create an automated budget:

There are some free services such as the “mint and personal capital” that help you link your accounts and track your budget. If you are not a fan of scattered papers and writing numbers, this service was made for you. You can view it and review your budget, but as soon as you put your data, it will be automatically rejected. Something might be misclassified by chance, but it’s not a problem because you can move it in its right place again easily

Create a debt repayment plan:

If you want to pay off your debts, you will need a plan. There are many options, but the most important of them are (multiple debt) and (clustered debt). What are they? For multiplying debt, all you have to do is write down all your debts from largest to smallest and then pay off the smaller debt first with the extra money you have. Once you close it, you have to put a little money on what you have to put it on any other small amount of money plus to pay with it until you finish paying off all your debt. As for agglomerated debt, it is the same idea, except that you will divide it according to the interest rate (from high to low) instead of the budget. Aggregate debt will make you save a lot of interest, but you may prefer the small profits that come from compounding debt.

Get another job:

If you want to achieve one of the goals that may take longer than it should from your point of view, you may need a second job. This will not last forever, it is a temporary job until it passes from the status quo only. If you are in debt, the second job will be the quickest way to pay it off. If you want to make an exceptional financial resource, get a new job and start. Working in the industry is the best thing, like waiting at tables or delivering pizza. Service jobs are also good for getting more overtime because you will get a tip and therefore you will get more than you would have earned from a regular job. If you can’t get another job, don’t worry, there are many other ways I mentioned to save money.

Challenge everything.

Challenge all your personal expenses, do you really need this cable? How about subscribing to those magazines you haven’t read? Each of them will cost you money in addition to their advertisements that may convince you to spend more. You may be paying for any other service and this is another thing, it needs a challenge and determination

Here are some tips:-

  • Write down all your expenses in detail
  • Find expenses that can be eliminated
  • Find how to save the rest of the expenses

Compare insurance rates:

When was the last time you checked your insurance accounts? This is something you have to do every year. It is not necessary that the cheapest is the best, but you will discover that if you shop a little, you will find the same coverage at a lower cost. Once a year check your insurance accounts, make some calls or search online for the best insurance rates.

Use coupons wisely:

There are two main opinions when it comes to talking about coupons: the first opinion says that coupons do not require wasted time in cutting them, and the second opinion says that coupons are always worth all the time because they save you money. While the opinion that supports the preservation of coupons and is keen on them, they believe that it is not practical to spend hours every week to cut those coupons, knowing that you must be attentive to the coupons that save you money. Try some services such as collecting or live gathering so that you can search for coupons every time you want to spend money. It may take seconds to save a lot of money, especially in some services such as oil change or massage

Follow the status of your card:-

In the event that you use a credit or debit card, you should follow up on your status every month. It is known that there are random and fake accusations that may appear on your account. It is easy to follow these problems if you follow your case every month. If you have many cards, there is a service that may benefit you, which is (personal capital), which links all your accounts. This way you can see all your transfers in one place and review them easily.

Starting the exceptional account:

An exceptional account is something you can do to avoid using a credit card in an emergency. If you are exposed to a crisis, you will not need to spend everything you have with a credit card, and therefore debts will accumulate on you. Debts may turn into a crisis and the crisis will turn into a disaster. Broadcasting “Davig Ramsay” to obtain an exceptional account instead of credit cards. David recommends getting him up to $1,000 quickly, and any amount is better than nothing. Even if you add $50 or $100 to your exceptional account every month, you are making progress.

Use the 30-day rule:

If you are in the process of making a big purchase, then you should use the thirty-day system. If you still need it even after the thirty days have passed, you should buy that thing. Often you find yourself not having to buy this thing after the thirty days have passed. This also reduces the automatic desire to buy or feel excited at the time.

Lower it:-

Set your thermometer one degree colder or hotter depending on what season you are in. You will notice the difference and will adjust it for the next month, and you will continue to do so until it is adjusted to the new temperature. According to the US Energy Agency, you save 1% of your electric bill annually on this level

Do not replace it, repaint it again:-

If you want to replace something in your home, one of the appliances, a closet, or a part of the bathroom, paint it before replacing. If you are replacing the thing for the look, the paint will be better. Everything can be painted from appliances and cabinets to faucets and sinks. You just have to buy the right, good paint. Always keep this in mind when buying anything new.

Know your options:

Home depot is not the only place to buy home supplies, nor is it the best place to buy electronics. Know well your local and online options. We all tend to buy online before making a decision, but local things might also surprise you. Stores, wholesale and liquidators are few, but they do exist. Of course, you may not find them or they may miss you, but when you find what you will save from hundreds or thousands, you will know that it is worth it. We bought ceramic tiles for half the price we had before, just walking a little bit into a wholesale fair that we pass every day.

Lower your interest rate:

If you have credit card debt, the interest rate may be a killer for you. And you won’t need a huge reason to convince them. Some companies will reduce the interest rate as soon as they request it. It is easier to discuss this with credit card companies. Sometimes they prefer to pay rather than go bankrupt.

Get rid of costly habits:

If you want to save money, your habits may get in the way. For example, the cost of buying cigarettes and alcohol may be unreasonable. If you can’t get rid of it completely, just try backtracking. Getting rid of smoking one pack a week may save you $40 a month, depending on your social status. When calculating the cost of your habits, you may find other benefits to quitting.

Pay to act:

Reward your credit card with the correct purchase card. Some cards offer 5% cashback on gas and others offer 6% cashback on groceries. Reward credit cards are very good for getting money, and if you spend it, so in return, it saves you money. It is like setting yourself a percentage on sales that goes into the savings account.

That was fast!! Now you have twenty ways to save money and you have to start today. Some may need to make a decision and others may need to stop doing something. In both cases, if you add or take away something from your life, pay attention to what you pay. You must always know where to put your money, because you are the only one who knows. 

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