How to get rid of hesitation in decisions so that you do not have a hesitant personality

How to get rid of hesitation in decisions is a question that many of those who are very hesitant want to know the answer to, and hesitation is a behavior characterized by fluctuation between decisions and the inability to make a decision, which means the process of evaluating alternatives, including choice, and it is considered an activity to solve problems and ends with the solution closest to Realism and satisfactory solution, and therefore it is a rational process when it occurs on the right path and irrational if it is not taken in an unorganized and unstudied manner, and there are many skills that can be developed for a logical decision-making process that is closer to reality such as discussion and analysis, and many people suffer from the problem of hesitation when making decisions Fateful in their lives, which may cause them many crises, and a person who is hesitant in his life and in making his decisions is psychologically disturbed.

How to get rid of hesitation in decisions

There are many people who are looking for how to get rid of hesitation in making their decisions, which may be fateful decisions, due to the spread of this problem among many individuals and societies and the difficulty of making appropriate decisions. Here is how to get rid of hesitation in decisions:

  • Get rid of fear: You can get rid of fear by thinking in a logical way and get rid of the daily thoughts that pass you through the stages of your life.
  • Set your goals: Setting goals contributes to your thinking about what you want, and this encourages you and helps you to think about your future without any hesitation to achieve your goal.
  • Remember your achievements: Achieving a victory contributes to achieving victories after it, and the ability to continue to develop skills and self and repeat victories.
  • Take responsibility for your decisions: You must be a human being aware of your decisions and aware of the pros and cons that can result in a sound decision.
  • Build your self-confidence: This is by identifying strengths and weaknesses, trying to reconcile with yourself, achieving your mental health and strengthening your personality.
  • Know the negatives of hesitation in making your decisions: because hesitation works to waste opportunities from you and makes you unable to achieve yourself in front of yourself first and in front of other people second, which makes you feel helpless and lack of confidence in yourself and frustrates your energies in you and is an obstacle to achieving them, as all human goals It cannot be achieved if it has the characteristic of frequency.

Traits of a hesitant person

There are some aspects that exist in the hesitant person and make it an obstacle to achieving many successes in his life, which makes him want to know how to get rid of hesitation in decisions , which are as follows:

  • Escaping from facing the challenges of life: many conflicts and fears revolve in the mind of the hesitant, which cause him to refrain from making the right decision at the right time. He does not take it often, and the decision comes missing a large part of the desired goals, which makes him lose confidence in his ability to engage in life’s challenges.
  • Reliance on others: because he is afraid of choice and leadership, and tends to leave dependency and choice to the people around him, which makes him unable to control many aspects of his life, even simple, such as being with friends and leaving him to choose his food for others for fear of being criticized and caught attention.
  • Fear of starting to talk: This characteristic is one of the obvious manifestations of a hesitant person and it is difficult for him to hide it, as he finds it difficult to talk with others and makes a great effort to choose the appropriate way of speaking and selecting words, which causes him severe embarrassment, especially if he is present among a group of people. , which may cause him to enter a state of sadness and isolation, and this state may be due to his exposure to previous .
  • Away from assuming leadership or responsibility: A hesitant personality may have many qualities that qualify it to take leadership in a job or position, but hesitation is a negative trait that makes a person not have the strength and will to take responsibility for something or lead a group of people, an experience that will be It is similar to a maze of choices and decisions that squeeze his thinking and his mind, and at the same time it represents a great nervous and psychological burden for him, due to his loss of faith in his competence and abilities.

Is frequency a psychological problem?

The individual tends to be excessive and permanent because it is part of his personality, but its development and exacerbation can lead the individual to a serious mental illness that threatens his life.

Because the advanced stages of excessive hesitation can reach the mental disorder, which is called apollomania syndrome, which is the person’s weak will and inability to make the simplest daily decisions such as eating any type of food.

It is often associated with anxiety, stress, psychological pain and depression , noting that it must be treated and not neglected, because it can lead a person to suicide.

Methods of treating hesitant personality

There are many ways to treat the hesitant personality and at the same time answer the question of how to get rid of hesitation in decisions

They are as follows:

  • Consult with people close to you and specialists, without going too far.
  • Develop your quick thinking skill and encourage yourself to choose regardless of what others think.
  • Be sure to challenge your future goals with precision and clarity, while using all the possibilities available to you to reach excellence and success.
  • Record your achievements and successes and keep them in mind, so that they give you a lot of desire to reach without hesitation and diligence as well.
  • Share their choices with others around you, increase your confidence in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals.
  • Break free from your dependence on others and dependency, because you are able to take control of things.
  • Know yourself and know your strengths and weaknesses and get rid of them, and develop your strengths.
  • Confront others with your choices and expect the best results, then accept the outcome even if it doesn’t satisfy you.
  • Start with simple everyday choices and make your own decisions because whatever the outcome, it will make you happy.
  • Make a list of tasks and decisions that you have to accomplish, and stick yourself to a schedule to get used to accuracy and organization.

Frequency and confusion

There are many harms to hesitation and confusion that make you want an answer to the question of how to get rid of hesitation in decisions , and they are as follows:

  • Excessive hesitation loses a hesitant person a lot of opportunities that he can seize in his life, because he is a hesitant person all the time.
  • The hesitant personality loses confidence in herself, which results in her losing her true desire to do anything useful in her life.
  • The indecisive person feels powerless, pessimistic, frustrated and hinders the achievement of his goals.

What are the stages of decision making?

Decision-making goes through stages, until the person reaches the best satisfactory results that can solve the problem and help him achieve mental health and learn how to get rid of hesitation in decisions , which are as follows:

  • Acknowledgment of the existence of a problem: At that stage, the feeling of the problem must be available while touching it.
  • Working on setting goals: This is done by setting goals that can be achieved by reaching a solution to the problem.
  • Classify the goals according to their importance: because the order of the goals from the most important to the least is considered important.
  • Develop a number of solutions and alternatives: by developing solutions that can be achieved on the ground.
  • Evaluate solutions and alternatives: i.e. puts the pros and cons of existing alternatives.
  • List the alternatives that can be applied: to choose the best among the existing solutions.
  • Choosing the most appropriate alternative: Choosing the only logical alternative that achieves the realistic solution to the problem.


How to get rid of hesitation in decisions is a question that comes to the minds of many hesitant and those who are unable to make fateful decisions in their lives, and hesitation is one of the most problems that many people face while making some important decisions that determine their fate, and they must know its causes and the way to treat it .

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