How do you save your money? 6 steps to help save money and maintain your salary or expenses

Saving money becomes easier when you do it happily. You should know that the average per capita income is 5.7% of income when you do this without pressure and deprivation. One of the financial behavior experts, Jacob Timmons, says that we prefer to think of ourselves in a logical and causal way when it comes to money, so we act psychologically and emotionally. The article that contains a set of mental ideas that help in saving money easier with a feeling of happiness and satisfaction

Steps to help you save money

1. Focus on “why” you want money, not “how” you get money.

If you want to get more money all you can think about is what method you should follow smartly in order to get the money you need. But there is a study published that says that those who focus their focus on the “reason” of collecting money or the goal of saving it, such as buying a new house, a new car, or taking a trip, can save money easier than those who focus on how to get money only

Studies have proven that focusing on the way all money is spent can cause confusion and an inability to make the right decisions in order to implement your money-saving plan. Plans and decisions are always correct when they are made by an open-minded person who knows exactly the goals he wants to reach, and this is not achieved when focusing on the means.

2. Harness your energy:

According to research at Tsunford University, the more powerful you feel when making financial decisions, the greater your ability to save money. Before you sit down with a financial advisor, and before you go shopping, before you buy that shirt, that meal, or this electronic device, try to think carefully about your reasons for doing so, what is most important to you, and will you really benefit from it? Is it not so special to pay this amount?

3. Write down your goals for which you are saving money:

One of the simplest ways that will make the difference with you. Instead of just thinking about the goals you are saving money for, write them down. Research has found that people who write down their goals can achieve success with them more and faster by 61%.

Writing will help you keep track of your progress in a practical way, making you feel the achievement you may need at times to encourage you to keep going, and it will give your brain a strong signal that what you’re doing is paying off in the real world.

4. Make saving money happy for you:

Deprivation, spending less, thrift or austerity never sound happy words to me. But do you think feeling bad about saving money can make you collect it faster??

We assure you whenever you feel bad about saving. So try to experience the opposite feeling. Try to enjoy saving money as often as possible and you will see that it makes collecting money easier and faster. This starts by setting a day each month or every week so that you calculate the amount of money you have saved and the percentage of its increase, which gives you some sense of reassurance that you are on the right path and will reach your goal soon, and this is enough to make you feel some happiness

5. Set a date for collecting money:

It’s hard to make the decision to stop saving this amount of money if you decide to do so on your own. Then you should ask a friend to help you stay on your goals. Where it is useful to show your goals to your friends for which you save money so that they tell you what you should do, for example, after the first 20 days of entry, and so on with the rest of the goals so that just collecting money is not the main goal for you

6. Narrow your focus space:

It is important to focus on achieving each goal separately. Focusing on implementing one plan is always better and faster in implementation. Executing more than one goal at one time enters your mind in an endless thinking stage that may lead you to misery or failure. So think according to your ability

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