Halotestin hormone and its relationship to bodybuilding and fitness

Halotestin hormone and its relationship to bodybuilding and fitness cannot be denied by any bodybuilder. The following lines on the hormone Halotestin and its relationship to bodybuilding and fitness.

Halotestin hormone and its relationship to bodybuilding and fitness

It is an orally administered stimulant that is a derivative of METHYL TESTOSTERON, a group of hormones that convert into the male sex hormone. Halotestin is the least effective steroid used by amateur athletes, as it was used for clinical purposes until now it has become one of the most important hormones used by weightlifters and bodybuilders in particular when entering competitions, as it increases their strength without increasing their weight. .

Taking Halotestin hormone contributes to bodybuilders and weightlifters in skipping violent exercises, but a lot of it increases the aggressiveness of the individual,
and some players have accompanied Halotestin tablets with other injections and other tablets such as (DecaDurabolin, Anadur, Primobolan Depot, Equipis).

Halotestin tablets contain the effect of (17 Alpha- Alkylated) which makes athletes and bodybuilders take it during meals
without gaining weight, and those who use (Dianbol) tablets find that the best alternative to it is Halotestin tablets.

Halotestin is the trade name for fluoxymesterone and was manufactured by Upjohn by Ciba Pharmaceuticals under the name Ultandren. Halotestin
is used for medical and sports purposes, and its uses will be explained below.

Uses of the hormone Halotestin in the field of sports

There are many uses for Halotestin hormone, especially in the field of bodybuilding and weightlifting, as it gives them the strength and muscles they want,
and we will explain to you the most important uses in order to complete the topic of our article Halotestin hormone and its relationship to bodybuilding and fitness.

  • Halotestin is used to increase the level of the androgen hormone, so bodybuilders rely on it to gain strength
    before entering tournaments, as it gives them physical strength without increasing muscle mass
  • Halotestin does not turn into a female hormone after taking it, so most bodybuilders resort to it.
  • Increases the strength and rigidity of weightlifters before they enter the tournaments. Halotestin increases strength and hardness without increasing the weight at all, which brings them success.
  • Halotestin increases red blood cells resulting in significantly increased strength, and increased endurance.
  • It contributes to a healthy, fat-free body, as it increases the rate of burning fat in the body because it is linked to androgen receptors.
  • Increases protein levels in the body and increases lean muscle mass.

Uses of the hormone Halotestin in the medical field

Doctors sometimes recommend using the Halotestin hormone to treat some diseases related to the lack of hormones in the body, and we will mention to you below the most important medical benefits of Halotestin hormone to complete the topic of our article Halotestin hormone and its relationship to bodybuilding and fitness.

  • Halotestin hormone is used in the treatment of diseases related to masculinity in men with testosterone deficiency .
    Halotestin hormone is made up of the main component of the male hormone. When taken, it compensates for the lack of testosterone from the body.
  • Halotestin treats male children who have problems during puberty, these problems are often due to a lack of testosterone.
  • Some medical studies have proven that Halotestin is very effective in treating growth problems in children.
  • Halotestin hormone contributes to the treatment of some cases of breast cancer in women, especially in its advanced stages.

Disadvantages of taking Halotestin

People should take Halotestin hormone in daily doses specified by specialized doctors. Despite the advantages of Halotestin hormone in many medical and sports fields, especially bodybuilders, too much of it may lead to some serious damage to the body;
Therefore, it must be taken with caution in order not to suffer from dangerous side effects, and we will explain to you in the following the most important side effects that the
Halotestin hormone may cause, in continuation to the topic of our article Halotestin hormone and its relationship to bodybuilding and fitness.

  • Excessive intake of Halotestin hormone leads to the emergence of aggressive and violent behavior in a person, as it is one of the most beloved hormones known for its ability to increase violence and aggression in people, and its appreciation varies from one person to another.
  • Halotestin hormone is originally a toxic substance, so an excess of it above the required limit may cause some diseases related to the liver, and cause some defects in its functions.
  • The prevalence of acne on the face is higher than usual.
  • Increasing the daily doses of Halotestin hormone leads to abdominal diseases, which leads to severe pain.
  • Halotestin causes strong headaches that last for long periods.
  • Halotestin hormone has negative effects on cardiovascular health, as it reduces the level of HDL in the body and increases the level of harmful LDL in the body in
    addition to an increase in the level of cholesterol and fats in the blood.
  • Halotestin hormone may raise the level of blood pressure, which leads to an enlarged heart, which leads to problems in the heart and blood vessels.
  • Halotestin is not recommended for people with liver disorders, nor for people who drink alcohol.
  • For people who suffer from gastrointestinal diseases such as gastritis, ulcers , and reflux, it is not recommended to take them in large quantities,
    in order to avoid serious damage to the stomach wall.

Adequate doses of the hormone Halotestin

Doctors do not recommend taking Halotestin hormone without doses determined by them. Each person differs from the other in the amount of tolerance of the hormone without causing damage, and there is a certain limit for doses for each person, and we will explain to you the appropriate doses of Halotestin hormone, within the framework of our topic Halotestin hormone and its relationship to perfection Body and fitness.

  • Halotestin hormone should not be taken for more than four or five consecutive weeks, because the long period of taking it may lead to serious side effects, and you
    must go to the doctor to determine the appropriate doses for your body.
  • For athletes and bodybuilders, doses ranging from 10 to 20 mg per day are recommended, and for weightlifters
    , doses ranging from 30 to 40 mg per day.
  • Care must be taken to review the diet carefully, and it is preferable to include fatty acids, especially omega-3 acid,
    and some other elements such as leucine, resveratron, and beta-carotene in the diet.

Can Halotestin be used by women?

It is not recommended to use Halotestin for women, because it contains high levels of male hormones. Taking it by women may lead to negative results for them, such as the appearance of acne, an increase in the volume of the voice, the appearance of hair on the face and the rest of the body, and baldness in some areas of the body. head hair. It may also cause abnormalities in women’s reproductive organs, breast reduction, and health problems such as
infertility and impotence , so women should stay completely away from Halotestin doses.

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