Easy ways to help save money

We all strive for the moment when we see an additional amount of money at the end of the month so that there is a surplus of money for other situations in the future. Some see saving money from their salary as impossible, but there is always a way that enables you to save money even if it is in a small amount. In this article, a group of simple ways that It helps you to make a simple change in your life to save a good amount of money

Save money on food:

1. Meal Planning:

One of the most money-consuming questions is “What should I eat?” Especially when you don’t have a clear answer to it. Instead of thinking about eating pizza or going out to buy one of the fast food that is definitely running out of money, cook at home according to a plan that you set weekly or monthly. This step will not only save your money but also your health

2.You should make a list of food items:

Once you have developed a plan in which you determine what you will eat, you can then specify a list of groceries that you need in the meals in the plan, and you must force yourself to buy only what you need without increasing, this will save money and do not go to the grocery when you feel hungry, just stick to the plan

3. You should keep track of grocery discounts:

When you make your grocery list and go to grocery stores or supermarkets, you will find that sometimes they put up a big sale offer on some products to be sold at lower prices than usual, so to save money you will need to know the offer that fits your list only. You can also put a list of the foods that need groceries under display at the moment so that it gives you the advantage to prepare a delicious cheap meal

4. Try to stay away from popular brands.

The value of the brand is always added to the price of the commodity, so try to see the goods sold by other brands while not compromising their components or the extent of their health value

5. Bulk Purchasing Search:

Sometimes products that are bought in bulk contain more units at a lower price, but beware because this rule may not apply to everyone and you should be aware of the quantity so that you finish it before the expiry date

6. Reducing shopping time:

The more time you spend in the grocery store or supermarket, the more likely you are to buy things you don’t want or off your menu.

7. Plan for times when you don’t want to cook:

There are of course times when you feel like you don’t want to face the kitchen after a long day’s work. For that day, you can cook a quantity of food for two days, eat one of them, and put the rest in the refrigerator for this time, so that then you take it out of the refrigerator and it only costs you the time to heat it.

8. Rely on vegetables

We all know that meat is expensive these days, so it is better to rely more on vegetables in your meal. We are not saying to become a veggie lover, but rather reduce the amount of meat in your meals

9. Stay away from soda and start drinking water.

Soda and industrial juices are expensive as well as unhealthy and cause obesity, so you should rely more on water, and the funny thing is that there are many ingredients that you can add to water that give it a distinctive flavor and taste at a cheap price

10. Subscribe to savings cards:

There are some grocery stores or food companies that give out some savings cards that make you buy some of their merchandise at cheap prices

Savings on transportation and transportation:

1. Repair your car yourself:

If you own a car, you will certainly suffer from the expenses of repairing and dealing with it. Therefore, it is important to learn about car mechanics not in depth, of course, but enough to make you able to treat your car problems on your own, and the Internet has become a reference for a lot of information in this era.

2. Vehicle handling:

There are some tricks that experienced drivers know to help you save gas while driving and you will also find them on the internet

3. Car Sharing:

You can share the car with your friends or those who live near your house, this will save you transportation money and your own car money, as it saves on traffic while driving on the roads

4. Public Transport:

Public transportation saves a lot of money whether you have a car or not

Reducing expenses on the home:

1. Live in a Tiny House:

One of the things that saves money is dealing with a small house that is sufficient for your family. A family of 4 does not make sense to live in a house of 5,000 square feet.

2. Energy review:

Some electricity companies in some countries offer a free review of the energy consumption in your home. You should take advantage of this opportunity, not only because it is free, but also because it will help you to know which part of your home consumes a greater amount of energy and try to reduce its use

3. Energy Rationalization:

Every energy consumed is useless, making you pay high electricity bills without needing it, so you should turn off the lights when you are not using them and deal in this way with the rest of the devices in the house

4. Use energy-saving lamps:

This point will not save much in energy, but far from the original article, if you find that fluorescent lamps save you more money than energy-saving lamps, use them. If you want to save money through saving lamps, do not use the cheap ones

5. Reducing the use of electrically absorbent devices:

Such as toaster, kettle, microwave, electric oven, air conditioner, etc.

6. Maintain your own home:

There are many sites on the Internet that help you repair faults in your home without the need for maintenance workers to save money, but if you have to, you must deal with one of them

7. Rent out unused places in your home:

This is a habit that many people do in Europe and America for entertainment, exchange of cultures, and making a lot of friendships, and it will also make you extra money. You can rent these small spaces to expats, for example

8. Water saving:

As we talked about saving energy, we must also save water, as it is more expensive and rarer than energy. Look for things that consume water and reduce it, as you must fix the leaking tap

9. Telephone and Internet:

Internet, telephone and mobile services should be as much as important needs

10. Use the dishwasher and automatic washing machine:

Using these devices will save water and electricity, but you must make sure before operating them that they are fully loaded, otherwise it will be a waste of water and energy.

11. Adjusting the temperature of the two washing machines:

To save energy to save money you should make the water heater inside as low as possible

12. Lower the heater temperature:

Reducing the temperature of the heater will reduce the period of its electricity consumption, which will reduce energy expenditures

Save money by staying healthy:

1. Stay healthy:

This step may seem crazy or a little illogical, but the more you follow medical advice to maintain your health, the less you will be exposed to diseases and the less money you will spend on medicine

2. Get used to walking:

Instead of riding in cars every day and not having time to exercise, you go back to walking to work some days of the week. Walking improves your health

3. Cycling:

If walking tires you, ride a bike, it will strengthen your health and save transportation and car expenses

4. Quit Bad Habits:

You must quit smoking, alcohol and drugs, as they will harm your health and will cost you a lot of money, whether to buy them or to buy drugs that combat their symptoms

5. Don’t put your doctor away.

You should follow up with the doctor from time to time to make sure that you are in good health or that you do not need any drugs in order to avoid any future problems.

6. Try Natural Home Remedies:

The Internet is full of natural recipes to treat many of the medical problems that you suffer from. Get what suits you and use it, as it will save you money and maintain your health better than chemical drugs.

7. Ask about health insurance:

There are some companies that provide you with health insurance in different forms that save you a lot of money as well as give you discounts on certain drugs that may seem like a lot for your monthly money