A study shows that more cuddling your mother increases her life

God has blessed us all with the blessing of having a mother in our lives and when it comes to feeling happy, there is nothing better than a mother’s embrace. A new study has stated that the more cuddling your mother increases her life. The mother is the closest person to us because she does more of the things that benefit us and thus is an example of strength. There is no doubt that cuddling is certainly a powerful means of rapprochement between mother and children, even eliminating many negative feelings such as depression, loneliness, anxiety and tension. Research shows that deep hugs become a great way to extend a mother’s life.

A study shows that more cuddling your mother increases her life

Being close to a mother is the best blessing you can have in your life and always deserves thanks. Therefore, do not try to let any opportunity pass without expressing your love for her through cuddling or any other method. Here we suggest that you frequently embrace your mother to provide her with more benefits. You can choose a comedy movie to watch together and sit on the sofa to enjoy the fun watching for you both.

You can also go out shopping together and enjoy happier moments, then eat lunch together to choose the appropriate clothes based on her desire. Also, helping your mother cook food to help her in the kitchen and expressing your thanks to her, especially when choosing a favorite meal for her or sitting together on the bed and cuddling each other before going to sleep and sharing the happy moments at home.

Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, reported that loneliness plays a large role in increasing aging. The study was conducted on 1600 adults with an average age of about 71 years that despite the control of the social, economic and health status, they suffered from an increase in the death rate due to loneliness. Approximately 23% of the participants who experienced loneliness died during the six years of the study, compared to 14% of them who enjoyed good friendships with their children.

Barbara, a geriatrician at Massachusetts General Hospital, tells the New York Times that mothers need to feel valued to us in order to bring them joy. But boys may neglect a lot of important things with mothers, and this is confirmed by Rosemary Plinzer, professor of human development at Virginia Tech, and this is linked to a low level of relational skills. The study confirmed that more cuddling of the mother increases her age and advised the children to increase the cuddling of the mother, especially the elderly, to enjoy the tremendous benefits of this behavior.

According to a recent research published in the Journal of Emotion, one of the reasons for the frequent hugging of the mother is the feeling of comfort, as it is a form of burden sharing, especially when you are at a level that is physically close to the mother, in order to reduce the burden that you feel because it helps you to share the burden. And a team of researchers confirmed when looking at 66 pairs of teenage girls and mothers to see if physical contact and getting close to each other helped them increase the ways of dealing with them and the relationship between them became very important.

More benefits of a mother’s embrace:

Cuddling is one way of understanding the other person as a way of expressing affection. Research has shown that hugging the mother 4 times a day brings you more health benefits. Especially when the hug lasts 20 seconds in order to enjoy more health benefits.

Cuddling makes you feel safe.

Cuddling gives you a sense of companionship and helps you release your emotional feelings while easing feelings of loneliness and insecurity. Studies say that sons who get more cuddles when they come into contact with the mother have fewer behavioral problems.

 Cuddling makes you feel happier.

There is no doubt that cuddling makes you feel an instant smile and see things more positive. Because it creates a hormonal reaction in the body that enables you to release oxytocin and provide comfort while strengthening family bonds, the same hormone that supports the bonds between fostering love between mother and children.

 Raises self-esteem:

No one can deny that giving hugs when feeling pain and distress makes you feel loved and appreciated.

Strengthening family ties:

A united family needs to give physical contact and a feeling of love to each other, kissing and handshakes, promoting empathy and understanding.

Helps you relax:

Cuddling relaxes muscles and body tension while reducing physical pain. Thus, cuddling supports the strengthening of the immune system and makes you feel strong and less likely to get sick.

 Depression resistance:

Cuddling promotes getting rid of depression towards life and getting us out of isolation. It also leads to the production of serotonin and dopamine, the hormones responsible for happiness.

 Reducing stress and high blood pressure:

Receiving the mother’s embrace helps reduce stress, stabilize blood pressure and reduce the level of cortisol, which is responsible for feelings of stress and tension. Reducing the hormone cortisol reduces the chances of developing various diseases.

 Teaching the value of giving

Embracing is one of the body language that teaches many values, including giving and receiving, as it is more important than verbal communication methods. Hugs are a great way to give others a sense of happiness and find comfort and relaxation.

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