41 ways to boost brain energy and increase its activity

The brain, like any muscle in the body, needs movement, thinking and exercise so that it does not rust and lose its value. It also needs some rest to regain its strength and needs some other things that raise its energy to benefit from it as much as possible. Your brain to work better

1. Do something new:

When you start trying something new it stimulates your mind but don’t get attached to it so it doesn’t become one of the old things your brain is used to. The only way to change the structure of brain cells is to try something new. It creates a new set of neural pathways to absorb what you are doing, which increases your level of intelligence. This can be a new or unfamiliar way to work, a new recipe for food in the kitchen, or even a new set of exercises. Something new doesn’t have to be a big thing, just a change of habit might be enough

2. Regular calisthenics:

Studies have shown that exercise enhances brain function and helps the brain form new gametes. This means that the more you exercise, the more new brain cells are formed in your brain.

3. Memory training:

How many times have I heard people talking about her unreasonable forgetfulness and that her memory is no longer as strong as before, but with all this complaint no one does anything to fix the problem. You can do a simple memory-strengthening exercise, which is just memorizing numbers on your mobile phone, for example, and there are many memory exercises scattered on the Internet that you can invest some time in.

4. Be curious

Do not believe in postulates and do not stick to customs, everything in this world can be changed, even religion left us many spaces to think and apply its provisions to our contemporary lives. Always be curious and keep this habit, most of the time it’s good. Searching with curiosity makes you learn a lot of new things and enhances your brain’s ability to be creative and form new ideas. Curiosity is to the brain as electricity is to a computer

5. Thinking Positively

Stress and anxiety stifle nerve cells and prevent the brain from creating new cells. Researchers have proven that positive thinking, especially with regard to the future, trusting in God, and trusting in His ability enhances the formation of new neurons and reduces stress and anxiety. Therefore, you must find ways to address negative thoughts.

6. Eat healthy food:

The food you eat has a great impact on the performance of the brain, as the brain absorbs 20% of the food that enters the body, so you must remember to eat healthy foods that enhance the strength of the brain

7. Read a book:

Reading reduces the exposure of the body and brain to anxiety and tension and gives it some relaxation and exit from the surrounding world. Scientists also found that imagination is a powerful way to enhance the strength of the brain and train it as it forces the brain to draw an image that does not really exist so that it does not depend on the external senses but forces them to feel as it wants. Reading enhances the brain’s imagination

Einstein previously said that logic moves its owner between two points A and B, while imagination moves its owner to any place

8. Get enough sleep:

Sleep is one of the deliverers of the brain. Sleep makes the body renew its cells and get rid of toxins. Meanwhile, the brain does the same thing, but in its own way, so you must go to sleep at nine in the evening, or at most in the middle of the night, to get the most benefit from sleep.

9. Get rid of GPS:

Gone are the days when people used to read maps in order to know the way as smartphones came with GPS or GPS so we became dependent on it permanently. And if you want your brain to work in some way, you must rely on your memory to identify places

10. Leave the calculator:

It is important for your mind to work on arithmetic operations and not to let laziness control you to use the calculator. Let your mind do it, it is good at these things believe me

11. Reading the Qur’an:

Reading the Qur’an is one of the important things that you must do to enhance your spiritual strength and psychological comfort and to get rid of stress and tension. It also helps the brain in the formation of new nerve cells and makes the brain resist exposure to Alzheimer’s disease

12. Listening to music:

Any type of music you like, whether classical, rock or metal, no matter what type of music you hear, it helps the brain to form new neurons and enhances intelligence, based on many studies conducted on people before and after listening to music

13. Meditation:

The simplest meditation exercise you can do is to close your eyes and focus your attention on your breathing and try to focus your mind on a place you create in your mind and relax to clear your mind and get it ready for any task next

14. Learn a new language:

Learning a new language enhances brain function, exposes your mind to many new cultures and concepts, gives you many different points of view, teaches you to think differently, and is one of the most important exercises your brain can do.

15. Writing:

Writing is good for your brain in different ways. Writing can stimulate memory so that you will remember things better in the future. It is also an effective way to clear the mind and clear the mind. It is one of the exercises that enhance creativity and analytical abilities. Writing can be writing your diary, poetry, writing about specific ideas, or writing stories

16. Have the right amount of caffeine:

Studies have shown higher scores for students who consume caffeine before an exam. Other studies confirm that too much caffeine reduces the brain’s ability to make the right decisions. You should know that the effect of caffeine varies from person to person

17. Avoid sugar:

Any type of simple carbohydrates can create a lot of fog on the brain, which is called sugar blues, and this feeling of excessive activity distorts the brain from thinking in a clear way, which results from the flow of insulin in the blood to process the amount of sugar you have eaten, so if you want to raise brain energy, you should avoid pasta and sugars White wheat and potatoes

18. Speed ​​Reading:

Contrary to what people may think that speed reading will not strengthen your comprehension, but rather the opposite, quickly reading a text stimulates the brain to understand it faster and remember it, and it is one of the best exercises that the brain can get to raise its energy

19. Imaginary friends:

Talking to imaginary friends in your mind and taking advice from them is a very good way to get information from your subconscious. Imagine a conversation between you and someone who knows more than you on a particular topic as if you wanted to ask for their advice

20. Take Creatine:

This ingredient is found in meat and is also used by athletes to build muscle. Lots of evidence suggests that it helps the brain. It can improve memory functions and enhance overall intelligence

21. Speaking:

Talking can be a good brain exercise if you are trying to explain something you don’t understand well to a friend to discuss and learn about different points of view.

22. Modify your thoughts:

You should tell yourself that you are going to get smarter, that you can do this work, and that you are always creative with your ideas. Strengthen your self-confidence and don’t let it shake and always trust your own mind. And when you feel that you are getting good ideas, it is important to have a small booklet in which to write these ideas

23. Brain exercises:

You must do the arithmetic operations in your mind without the calculator, as you must think of new things out of the ordinary, and you must do everything necessary to make your mind generate new neurons, this is important in increasing intelligence

24. Role models and ideals:

You should read the biographies of the people you value and trust in their thinking and their wisdom, and try to follow their example, take their advice, and follow their steps to success.

25. Laughter:

Laughing makes the body release endorphins, which reduce stress, which is good in the long run for human health. Laughter also makes your mind more open to new ideas

26. Playing:

Playing works on the idea of ​​trying new things as the games stimulate the brain to think in different ways and form new neurons for the ability to compete and prove intelligence. Playing here combines physical games, mobile applications and computer games, each of which works to develop the ability to make decisions and find unknown solutions

27. Self-motivation:

You must continually motivate yourself and build self-confidence to stimulate activity in your mind and motivate it to do new, creative things.

28. Avoid being stressed:

Scientists have found a lot of documented evidence that exposure to stress and anxiety leads to the destruction of neurons in the brain, and exposure to stress and anxiety continuously for long times harms the brain and memory, not to mention its effects on the body, so you must learn how you can control your stress.

29. Continuing Education:

You must learn everything you can come up with. You must develop your abilities, invest in yourself, and learn how to develop your skills

30. Avoid Fat:

Much research has been done on animal fats and has found that thinking becomes less and slower when these animals eat a lot of fat in their food. Fat is an important thing for the body, of course, but you must choose the fats that you are exposed to, as it must be unsaturated fats. It is also important to use olive oil instead of regular oils, as fats reduce the ability of the brain to generate new neurons.

31. Eat less food:

Eating a large amount of food causes the body to divert a lot of blood towards the digestive system in order to complete the digestion process efficiently after all this amount of food, which reduces the blood flowing towards the brain and reduces its activity. In the long run, it may lead to a continuous reduction in blood flow to the brain, and this reduces brain energy

32. Eat foods that contain antioxidants:

Antioxidants protect cells, including brain cells. These foods contain a lot of antioxidants (prunes, raisins, blueberries, blackberries, garlic, kale, cranberries, strawberries, spinach, and berries).

33. Exposure to sunlight:

Exposure to sunlight stimulates the body to reduce the sleep hormone, which helps the brain to focus and strengthens the body to obtain activity and energy

34. Napping:

Many studies have shown that naps help the brain to renew its activity during the day, as well as help in strengthening memory, increasing intelligence, and increasing the ability to learn.

35. Getting rid of bad habits:

Getting rid of smoking, drinking alcohol, and eating fast foods are all bad habits that we promise, but they destroy the brain and reduce body activity in general

36. Consume adequate amounts of water:

You must keep yourself hydrated, as this makes the brain work more efficiently. Lack of water causes the body to stimulate the brain to send signals of thirst, which reduces your ability to focus. Studies have proven that people who regularly consume fruit, vegetable and water juices dramatically reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

37. Playing music on an instrument:

Playing music on machines stimulates the centers responsible for control, hearing and visual skills so that the brain helps you to develop and master this skill You can also use a new application on the computer and smartphones that replaces the real instrument with a digital one and uses the keyboard as it is something new, which stimulates the brain to generate new neurons

38. Talk to yourself out loud:

Talking to yourself out loud while thinking about something stimulates memory to remember ideas better

39. Schedule breaks:

It is important to take care of rest periods during the day in order to help the brain rest and replenish energy between each task and another or from time to time. It is certainly like a muscle that needs rest to renew its activity. Meanwhile, it is useful to eat a useful snack such as nuts, for example, or one of the favorite types of juices or go out for a walk

40. Watch useful lectures and documentaries:

Watching lectures on useful sites such as TEDx and documentaries helps the brain to formulate new ideas that may be critical, which stimulates the brain’s creativity and increases its activity and strength.

41. Breathing exercises:

You must learn how to breathe deeply for at least 15 minutes a day in order to increase the oxygen absorbed by the brain, which helps in increasing its activity and energy

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